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A comprehensive mental health resource helping you build a more talent-friendly and sustainable workforce.

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Talent Suffers When
Mental Health Is Ignored

Creative innovation is your business’ most valuable asset. Yet companies still struggle to understand the creative mind. Issues like burnout, stress, and anxiety are leading to increased employee discontent, low productivity, high turnover, and decreased talent acquisition. Truth is, when your talent suffers, your bottom line suffers too.


A Meaningful and Engaging Mental Health Resource

It’s Friendly is an easy-to-use modern platform providing every employee with tools and training to reduce mental health challenges, stigma and turnover, while increasing general well-being, work satisfaction and creativity.

Investing in a mentally healthy workforce is good for business.

Happier Creatives
= Better Creative Output
80% of employees treated for mental health challenges report improvements in job satisfaction and performance.

Better Working Environments
= Less Turnover
Creative agencies have a retention problem with an average 30% turnover. 49% say their workplace culture has a negative impact on their mental health.

Companies Can Expect a 3:1 ROI On Mental Health Programs in The Workplace. For every dollar invested in treating common mental health challenges, employers may expect a 4x return in improved health and productivity.