We are a small company dedicated to building a more People-Friendly and sustainable creative industry by acknowledging mental health issues in the workplace, and providing tools that can help alleviate and prevent them.

Mental Health
+ The Creative Mind

                Did you know that creatives are four times more likely to develop mental health issues? At the same time their work is based on their own thoughts, ideas, and emotions.
                Worse still, the creative industry is full of pressure (it’s quite messy), resulting in a space packed with people struggling with mental health issues.
               But despite how common an issue, there is little to no conversation, information or actions taken to improve conditions. Too many creatives feel alone or abnormal when the troubles come knocking, which only amplifies the problem.
                We want to be the change.

What we do

                     In addition to creating bespoke programs to educate organizations in basic work psychology and mental health, It’s Friendly builds awareness campaigns and events with likeminded brands committed to changing the way we work for the better.

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